If you are an existing Queens Cross or Maryhill Housing tenant who is looking to transfer to a different property, you should complete an application form on the Find My Home website. The form will ask you to provide details about your household and your housing circumstances. We can then use this information to determine your housing needs and we will award a priority band to reflect this. You can complete an application here

Once you have registered you can begin to view our property adverts and bid for any properties you are interested in.

Transfers will only be approved if you have kept your home in good condition and have paid your rent in full. Before any offer of housing is made we will visit you to check the condition of your property and to discuss any outstanding rent.

Is your current home too big for your needs?

If you live in a property with three or more bedrooms and want to move to a smaller property, you may be eligible for incentives to help you move. These could include:

  • access to a new build property (if available)
  • assistance with current rent arrears
  • removal costs, decoration and floor coverings paid for your new home
  • practical assistance with the move
  • a location nearer your family members or friends
  • broadband paid for a year

These incentives are funded by Glasgow City Council's Citywide Housing Transfer Incentive Scheme.  There is a shortage of larger accommodation in Glasgow and the scheme aims to increase the availability of larger homes by helping people to downsize. 

If you are interested in finding out more, please email [email protected] or phone your current landlord. Queens Cross tenants can phone us on 0808 143 2002.  Maryhill tenants can phone us on 0141 946 2466.